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How to Plan a Virtual Baby Shower

Published: 2/1/2021 Author: PromoLeaf

Those looking to have baby or bridal showers recently have most likely had to put those plans on hold or search for alternate options. But there’s no need to fret when you can throw a virtual shower! Virtual showers are a huge help when you don’t want people to fly into town or have your guests otherwise incur expenses to make the event happen!

Virtual Invites

Invite guests by sending out evites with a theme you want to set for your virtual baby or bridal shower. Paperless Post and Evite have invitations specifically for virtual parties. Remember to include more than just the date and time. After you decide which video conferencing program you will be hosting your meeting through, you can include information on accessing the meeting. Zoom and Google Hangouts are very easy to use and only require a link to join the meeting. You can also set a password to enter the party and include it in the email as well. Now that you are ready to start your virtual baby shower, simply send an invitation via email to your guests with the link and any relevant info included and off you go! Here’s a checklist to help you out:

What to Include

  • Date and time
  • Instructions on how to join the meeting, including meeting link
  • Password to join meeting (if necessary)
  • Registry details

How to Host

Start out the shower by catching up with your friends, then kick things off by opening presents. In the past, a huge part of throwing baby showers was opening gifts. Hearing the oohs and ahhs of friends and family as they open a neatly wrapped gift. However, gift-giving can still be incorporated in your virtual shower in two ways. You can either give guests a firm deadline to send gifts to the mom-to-be or ask guests to reveal the gift on screen, by holding up the gift or showing a picture of it. You can also take photos of the special day by adjusting the settings so you can record the festivities and take screenshots of all the memorable moments. Afterward, you can email your favorite photos to the guests!

Virtual Games

Since classic games aren’t really an option, opt for more trivia-based games. The questions can be geared towards the mom-to-be or guessing about the baby’s gender or weight. Another great virtual game idea is to play the game don’t say “baby”! The rules are very simple, just don’t say, baby. If you’re caught saying the word “baby,” you lose. To track who’s saying the word, you can keep a sheet of paper to write everyone’s names on. Whoever is the last guest to have their name written down for saying “baby” is the winner! Online games are a great way to entertain your guests as well. Let your inner artist out with, a free online platform that has your guests guessing each others’ drawings under a time limit, with randomized prompts. Don’t have any artistic abilities? That’s what makes this game even more hysterical.

Just because you’re throwing your party virtually doesn’t mean you can’t send your guests some food or personalized gift baskets. We’ve hand-picked plenty of options for baby shower giveaways that will still make your event a memorable one. Now that you know how to successfully throw a virtual baby shower you can thank your guests with some personalized goodies as well!

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