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100 of the Best Rugby Team Names

Published: 2022-01-20T16:34:15+0000 Author: Abby Helgeson

Rugby is one of the most popular sports in the world, with clubs located everywhere from United States weekend leagues to pros in Europe, the UK, India, and more. And there is nothing like a great rugby team name to intimidate or amuse the opposition before the first try or conversion goal.

But how do you choose a name? Well, here are some tips for choosing a name, and some ideas to get you started.

Choosing a Rugby Team Name

There’s a lot to be said about choosing a team name. You want something that relates to your team’s personality and strengths, but you also want something memorable and fun that looks good on a jersey )and a water cooler and all the other cool swag you can create). The process is quite similar to that of choosing a basketball team name, or a name for your friends’ group chat.

First, sit down and brainstorm some ideas. You can even start with the names listed below, and modify them to match your city or town, your neighborhood, or even the names of those on your team. Let your imagination run wild, and pick several possible names and combinations of each.

  • Find an association with something popular
  • Use things your team members have in common
  • Add adjectives to describe your team (Lethal Taggers, anyone?)
  • Use rugby terms and words related to rugby

Once you have your list, narrow it down to ten or less, and then let your teammates vote. You can even create a “naming tournament” where you vote things down to the top five, top three, final two (championship), and then let the voters decide. Then you can order swag for you and your fans even if they are just your friends and family). Who knows? You may come up with the next team name that goes viral.

Here are some rugby team name examples, some real, some we made up. Use this as a starting point to get your creative juices flowing.

30 Cool Rugby Team Names

You know when you hear a team name, and it is just “cool”? Here are some team names we think are cool, and that you might, too.

  1. A Load of Flankers
  2. Dark Angels
  3. Blood, Sweat, and Beers
  4. Care and Attention
  5. Chilliboy Con Kearney
  6. Dark Side of the Ben Moon
  7. Don't Try For Me Argentina
  8. Forwards Are People Too
  9. Games, Set, and Snatch
  10. Harlewins
  11. Luck of the London Irish
  12. May the Ford Be With You
  13. No Faf-fing About
  14. No Pococking Chance
  15. Old Piss Poorians
  16. One Kick Wonders
  17. One Maul Step For Man
  18. Roko and Roll
  19. Ruck ‘Til You Scrum
  20. Ruck be a Lady
  21. Scrum Like it Hot
  22. Sexton the Beach
  23. StoneGenge
  24. Strictly Scrum Dancing
  25. Te’o and Crumpets
  26. The First Nowell
  27. The Try Babies
  28. Try is the Limit
  29. Try-ranosaurus Rex
  30. You Don’t Get Points For Try…ing

Of course, you can use a variation of these names, add different adjectives or locations, or use other tricks to make your name just as cool as these.

25 Funny Rugby Team Names

Sometimes it’s a good idea to throw in your own sense of humor when it comes to team names, and that can be everything from incorporating your team or sponsor names to making a pun out of rugby terminology, or a combination thereof. In this case, we assembled 25 names we think hit our funny bone.

  1. 50 Shades of Jonny Gray
  2. Ball Grabbers
  3. Double Scrum and Coke
  4. Eddie are You Okay?
  5. Get Your Kitshoff
  6. Grassy Nowells
  7. Halfbacks and Halfwits
  8. Hawaii Try-O
  9. Hook, Lineout and Sinckler
  10. I Got 99 Problems, But My Kick Ain’t One
  11. Inglorious Bastareauds
  12. Kick Tease
  13. Kickaholics Anonymous
  14. Kruis-in for a Bruisin
  15. Lawes and Order
  16. Legion of Boom
  17. Live and Let Try
  18. Live Fast, Dai Young
  19. Maul of Duty
  20. My Sexton’s on fire
  21. Try Hard with a vengeance
  22. The Try Babies
  23. The First Nowell
  24. The Goode, The Bad and The Ugly
  25. Victorious Secret

As you can see from this list and the other names we have shared, with some creative thought you can come up with some really funny names. However, if you are in a league that is a little more serious, you have other options too.

25 Professional Team Names

A common theme for football, soccer, or rugby is to simply adopt the name of your favorite professional team and make it your own by changing the location or using various adjectives. This is a shortlist of professional rugby names, but with leagues all over the world, there are a lot more to choose from.

Who better to copy and learn from than the pros, right?

  1. Bristol Bears
  2. Exeter Chiefs
  3. Leicester Tigers
  4. London Irish
  5. Newcastle Falcons
  6. Northampton Saints
  7. Sale Sharks
  8. Worcester Warrriors
  9. Cornish Pirates
  10. Doncaster Knights
  11. Ealing Trailfinders
  12. Jersey Reds
  13. London Scottish
  14. London Welsh
  15. Taunton Titans
  16. Worthing Raiders
  17. Old Elthamians
  18. Redingensians Rams
  19. Preston Grasshoppers
  20. Leicester Lions
  21. Bedford Blues
  22. Austin Gilgronis
  23. Houston Sabercats
  24. New England Free Jacks
  25. Seattle Sea Wolves

Whether you take on the name of a club from somewhere else in the world or the one right in your own hometown, often a professional name sets your club apart no matter what league you are in.

25 Memorable Team Names

Some team names are just–memorable. They stick with you long after you hear them the first time. Even if your play isn’t that impressive, your name can be. Here are 25 names we thought were quite memorable.

Who better to copy and learn from than the pros, right?

  1. The Top Bloke Team
  2. Dirty Bastareaud
  3. On the Dead Ball Line
  4. United in Power
  5. The Knock-On Network
  6. Key Motivators
  7. Not on the Sidelines
  8. Serial Taggers
  9. All Grab and No Tag
  10. The Crikey Collective
  11. ​Inglorious Bastareauds
  12. Nuts and Jugs
  13. Blood, sweat and beers
  14. Players in a Gap
  15. The Opposite of Tackled
  16. The Stripe Grabbers
  17. The Ground Tappers
  18. Sin Bin Send-Off
  19. Rugby League Crew
  20. Must Tag Sally
  21. Score Triers Club
  22. The Ragtags
  23. ​Lethal Taggers
  24. The Maximum Eight
  25. Oztag Ridgey-Didges

What is your team name? Have you come up with a clever and memorable one we haven’t listed here? Do you have a funny take on one of these names we missed out on? Let us know in the comments below. We’d love to add your name to our list.

And once you have chosen your team name, it’s time to suit up with custom jersey’s and other swag. Browse our great selection of everything from rugby scarves and caps to custom rugby polos and even trophies.

Then create your custom rugby wear today! Then get out there and play your hearts out. As they say on the pitch, you can’t win if you don’t try!


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