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Amusing Sweet 16 Quotes and Sayings for Your Special Day!

Published: 06/03/2020 10:52 PM Author: PromoLeaf
Amusing Sweet 16 Quotes and Sayings for Your Special Day!

Sweet 16 birthday parties have been a tradition in the world since the Victorian era with debutantes, tiaras, and fancy dresses. We still have some of the same traditions, however not as extravagant. Sweet 16 parties today have the crazy decorations, the food, the father-daughter dance, and entertainment. But, some still have a tiara so your birthday girl feels like a princess. All to celebrate a new chapter of maturity in life. Sweet 16 birthdays should be one of, or the most memorable birthdays in your teenagers life. Not only for your daughter, but your son as well. 

I'm sure most people have seen Sixteen Candles, the classic, filmed in 1984. The main character Samantha Baker prays for her sixteenth birthday to finally arrive and when it does, no one remembers. Any parent would feel horrible for forgetting their child’s birthday. So, make sure your teen feels extra special on their big day with custom Sweet 16 birthday party favors. PromoLeaf is here to help you find the perfect quotes and sayings for your teens sixteenth birthday party.

Many movies and songs have been made in celebration of turning sixteen. Some of the most popular songs are Sweet Sixteen by Billy Idol, and 16 Candles by the Crest.

The list below contains a variety of familiar quotes and sayings that you may recognize. Along with movie quotes and song lyrics that are perfect for enhancing your teens birthday party favors and/or decorations. Check out our list of classic sweet 16 quotes for your teen below.

"Sixteen candles make a lovely light but not as bright as your eyes tonight."

"You’re sixteen! Say farewell to braces, pigtails and toys; hello to driving, parties and boys."

"Keys, please!"

"Sugary sweet and delightful: it must be your special day! Congratulations on turning sixteen!"

"Sweet and sassy 16!"

"Say goodbye to dolls and toys. Say hello to makeup and boys!"

"You put the sweet in sweet 16."

"You AUTO be just about old enough to drive now that you’re 16."

"You’re 16, and I’m issuing you a license to have an awesome birthday! Enjoy!"

"Sixteen candles in my heart will glow, forever and ever for I love you so"

The Crest 16 Candles

"I'll do anything for my sweet sixteen"

Billy Idol Sweet Sixteen

"I can't believe this. They _____ forgot my birthday."

Samantha Baker Sixteen Candles

"When I'm 16, I'll have the best party ever."

Sixteen Wishes
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