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The Definitive Custom Sweatshirts Buying Guide

Published: 2021-10-27T22:18:08+0000 Updated: 2023-08-25T20:54:32+0000 Author: Abby Helgeson

High quality promotional products are what keep customers coming back! Nothing says high quality like custom sweatshirts. We have compiled a list of all of the essential parts that play a role in giving away sweatshirts with your logo on them. Dive in below to find out more!

Why Buy Custom Sweatshirts?

The real question here is why do businesses need to use promotional products when marketing their business? Are they really necessary? Well, here are some stats to further convince you. A consumer study by PPAI found that the majority of consumers say they would rather receive a promo product than all other advertising, primarily wearables such as sweatshirts. And a different study from PPAI stated that consumers who receive promotional products are more likely to increase loyalty to the brand. Loyalty to your brand is key when it comes to promoting your company! Loyal customers are more likely to recommend your brand to others simply because they trust your company.

Popular Uses of Custom Sweatshirts

Custom sweatshirts are great promotional giveaways for just about any occasion, but here are some examples to make it easier for you. Giving away sweatshirts with your custom logo to new hires in your company makes for a great introduction and welcoming gift they will surely appreciate. Hosting a family reunion or school event? Customize the perfect personalized sweatshirts to wow the recipients! Branded sweatshirts are also perfect for fundraising events or non-profit organizations. They are also great for reselling in retail shops, such as a souvenir shop or at a restaurant. Whatever event or occasion you have planned, it is never a bad idea to customize some promotional sweatshirts for reselling or to give away to promote your cause!

Decorating Custom Sweatshirts

Embroidered sweatshirts are the most common and preferred decoration method because they have a more textured feel to them, the intricate design gives off a very professional look, and embroidery is more resistant to damage when washing. If you don’t want to spend the extra dime to have a higher quality decoration method, screen printing is another great option. This method is usually the most inexpensive depending on the colors needed for the design and will give a more vibrant look to your logo. Heat transfer and direct to garment both work great on sweatshirts as well, but embroidered sweatshirts are the most preferred method.

What's the difference between sweatshirts and hoodies?

Sweatshirts and hoodies are the same thing right? False, actually they are quite different. Sweatshirts refer to a pullover garment that covers the upper body and can be made with or without a hood. And so while hoodies are a type of sweatshirt, not all sweatshirts are hoodies. Non-hooded sweatshirts can be both casual and dressy depending on what you pair them with, while hoodies are strictly casual. Custom hoodies have drawstrings that are adjustable and most have a zipper unlike traditional sweatshirts.

Sustainability matters, that’s why we have plenty of eco-friendly options available.


Recycled sweatshirts offer a sustainable option while still being comfortable.

Organic Cotton

Avoid harmful chemicals and pesticides used in cotton farming by buying organic cotton instead

Recycled PET

Made from recycled water bottles, these eco-friendly sweatshirts are all the rage!

Material Types

The material you decide on directly affects the quality of your custom sweatshirts and plays a role in how much your customers or clients will like them.


Cotton sweatshirts are one of the most popular types since it prevents cold air from penetrating through the sweatshirt, helps absorb sweat, and can also be breathable.


A moisture-wicking material that keeps its shape over time and doesn’t shrink in the wash!


Cotton/poly blends offer a unique textured look that makes them well regarded. They are less breathable than other material types but do retain heat well.


Tri-blends are a mixture of rayon, cotton and polyester that leaves you with a light, airy fabric!


If you are looking for a super cozy sweatshirt, fleece is your best bet!


A lightweight, synthetic fiber that makes clothing stretchy and durable.


There are many different features that sweatshirts can have, making them a game changer! From moisture wicking to hoods and zipper types, these are sure to make a difference.


Sleeve Length

Sleeve Style

Fit Types

Change the overall look of your branded sweatshirts with our different fit options!


Fitted sweatshirts offer a tighter fit that hugs your waist.


Semi-fitted tees are a happy medium for those of you who can’t decide on a fit type!

Slim Fit

For a more tailored fit that flatters your body shape, go for a slim fit sweatshirt.


Made with heavier cotton amounts, usually around 6 ounces, heavyweight sweatshirts are super durable.

Relaxed Fit

If you are wanting a more cozy look, go for a relaxed fit that is a bit more baggy than your usual sweatshirt.

Sun Protection

Clothing designed with built-in sun protection to protect you from UV rays. Find the sun protection that’s right for you!

We hope you found this guide to personalized sweatshirts helpful! Take a look at our custom t-shirt guide for even more information on branded apparel. Have any questions? Send us a live chat or call us at 888-515-1026!


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