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The Best Reusable, Eco-Friendly Water Bottles

Published: 2021-04-07T22:12:41+0000 Author: Daniel Davis

Learn all about the different types of custom eco-friendly water bottles and what to consider when buying one. Stainless steel or glass, carabiner, or built-in straw - we’ve rounded up all the options.

Which water bottle material is best?

Glass is 100% recyclable, and it can be recycled over and over again without losing its quality. A custom glass water bottle is also much easier to keep clean since it can be washed in the dishwasher. Although it is usually heavier and more expensive than other materials, glass is 100% recyclable. Personalized stainless steel water bottles look more sleek and sophisticated than glass, which is one of their many benefits. It also is not nearly as fragile as glass, so it is ideal for people with active lifestyles who don’t want to worry about breaking their bottle. A few downsides of custom stainless steel water bottles is that they can dent or scratch and must be washed by hand because they are not usually dishwasher-friendly. They are recyclable but take longer in the recycling process, and stainless steel production emits high levels of carbon into the air. Custom aluminum water bottles tend to dent easier than stainless steel bottles. Aluminum is lighter compared to stainless steel but is also not usually dishwasher safe. Some aluminum bottles are made with plastic making them an unsustainable option. Buying custom plastic water bottles is the more affordable option. Plastic bottles are very lightweight and can withstand repeated use but are usually not recycled. However, you can come across reusable plastic bottles made from recycled materials or even recyclable bottles. Overall, glass is the best decision for your promotional needs.

What features do you need?

There are many different features that your reusable water bottle can come with, each adding its own finishing touch to your custom water bottle.


Easily hook your water bottle onto your backpack, bag or belt with carabiners.

With Handle

Water bottles with a handle are super convenient and allow you to take your water bottle with you anywhere!

With Straw

This recycled water bottle comes with a straw making it perfect for kids due to its easy use.

Which eco-friendly water bottles are best?

Champion - 28 oz. Trans. Bottle

This recyclable bottle is an excellent option since it is made from recycled PET and comes with an added straw and handle for easy access. Recycled PET is a bioplastic that is molded from other recycled materials, making this a great, sustainable option.

Gripper 25oz Aluminum Sports Bottle

This durable, aluminum bottle features an added rubberized grip and handle, and is completely recyclable.

Poly-Pure - 28 oz. Bottle

This recyclable water bottle is made from recycled materials and comes with a lid and handle!

The Journey Bottle - 28 oz. Bike Bottle

Made from recycled PET materials, this biker friendly bottle is a great eco-friendly choice.

28 oz. Infuser Bottle with Flip Lid

This recyclable water bottle is made from recycled PET materials, features a flip lid and an added infuser. Make your water a little more tasty while staying eco-friendly with this awesome water bottle!

Pacific 26oz Aluminum Sports Bottle

This recyclable, aluminum bottle comes with a handle and carabiner, so you can easily bring your sustainable water bottle with you anywhere you go!

Want some more information on reusable water bottles? Take a look at our water bottles buying guide!


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