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The Complete Guide to Custom Water Bottles

Published: 2020-07-31T17:49:17+0000 Updated: 2023-06-16T22:47:27+0000 Author: Abby Helgeson

Looking for the perfect water bottle? Look no further, we have put together this buying guide to help you find the ideal personalized water bottle for you and your promotional needs!

Why Buy Custom Water Bottles?

Custom water bottles are great for promoting your brand and gifting to your employees or clients. And since water bottles are reusable, they cut down on the waste that comes from throwing away disposable plastic water bottles. However, there are a lot of things to consider before making your purchase, including the shape, color, style, and ounce capacity of your water bottle. It is also important to consider what audience you are targeting and their lifestyle. Paying attention to those little details can make a huge difference!

There are numerous benefits when it comes to promotional products. For example, a consumer study by PPAI stated that 83 percent of consumers said they are more likely to do business with brands from which they received promotional products over other brands. Also, eight in ten consumers stated that they choose to pass along a promotional product if they don’t keep it for themselves, which ultimately furthers the brand’s reach. Those statistics speak for themselves! Advertise your company with promotional products and you will see results.

Ideal Users for Custom Water Bottles

An important part in choosing your custom water bottle is knowing what audience you are targeting. Now, depending on your brand there are many different clients you can be targeting. Do you have clients that love outdoor activities like hiking, fishing, or camping? Gift them with a personalized water bottle that is a little more durable than others or more ideal for the outdoors. Leave a great impression for your brand by giving away custom water bottles at trade shows, fundraising events, or conferences. Custom water bottles are the perfect giveaway for marathons or cheerleading events, making sure the athletes are hydrated and ready to rumble! Another great place to give away custom water bottles is at college fundraising events. Let’s face it, what college student doesn’t want free stuff? Personalized water bottles are great for just about anything, so let’s take a look at all of our different styles below so that you can find the right water bottle!

Types of Custom Water Bottles

We have a variety of water bottles to offer, each with their own unique features, size, and material. Find out which is best suited for you and your clients below!


We have gathered some information on the different material types of our custom water bottles, so your decision is stress-free and well informed!


Plastic water bottles are great if you are looking for a lightweight, more affordable water bottle. Ideal for high activity events, sports teams, and kids.


Glass water bottles can hold both hot and cold liquids, and are ideal for less active customers since they are breakable.


These lightweight aluminum water bottles are a great option since they are recyclable. Perfect for customers that are looking for a more eco-friendly option.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel water bottles are very durable, and keep your drinks cold for long periods of time, great for those who love the outdoors.


Help protect the planet with custom eco-friendly water bottles!

Recycled PET

Recycled PET, short for polyethylene terephthalate, is made from recycled materials like plastic bottles, then repurposed for other products.


Recyclable water bottles can be recycled and repurposed for other products!


Shop our selection of water bottles made from recycled materials!


No two water bottles are alike! There are many features that differentiate one water bottle from another.


Keep your beverage cold all day long with insulated water bottles.

With Handle

Water bottles with a handle are super convenient for those who love hiking and the outdoors. So you can easily take your water bottle with you anywhere!

With Straw

Perfect for kids due to its easy use. Not very practical for those who exercise heavily, since you can’t hydrate as quickly.


Make sure your water is always clean with these filtered water bottles. Perfect for hiking and camping trips!

With Carabiner

Carabiners are a great feature if you want to easily hook your water bottle onto backpacks, bags or belts.

Double Wall

Ideal for those who prefer to use their water bottle for hot or cold beverages, depending on the day. Keeping your beverage hot/cold for long periods of time.

Commonly Asked Questions Regarding Custom Backpacks

Q. Which is best copper or stainless steel water bottles?
A. Stainless steel bottles will be much more durable and last much longer. Copper will leach if there is any acidic value within the liquids you put in your water bottle.
Q. Why are reusable water bottles considered to be better?
A. A reusable water bottle takes less oil to produce, replaces all the plastics that you would have used and reduces your carbon footprint.
Q. Is it better to drink from glass or stainless steel?
A. Glass is the safest water bottle type and offers the purity of taste, but stainless steel offers insulation that keeps your beverage hot or cold.
Q. Are metal water bottles environmentally friendly?
A. Stainless steel water bottles are good for the environment because they are reusable and can be used for a long period of time, but most importantly, it can be recycled once it reaches the end of its life.

Popular Brands for Custom Water Bottles

Brands sure to impress your clients and employees!

In conclusion, gifting promotional products like custom water bottles leaves a great impression of your company to your clientele. So, what are you waiting for? Send a live chat or call us at 888-515-1026 and get your promotional product journey started today!


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