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How to Wear and Style a Polo Shirt

Published: 2022-02-08T23:18:31+0000 Author: Abby Helgeson

Polo shirts have been a staple of fashion for decades, and learning how to style your polo shirt will give you a timeless aesthetic for any occasion.

The polo shirt’s design offers breathability, elasticity, and absorbance that made it the perfect choice for sports such as polo and tennis. It's for those same reasons that polo shirts have become a popular choice for any comfortable outfit while still adding a notch of finesse and professionalism. Keep scrolling and learn how to wear a custom polo shirt with style.

Polo Styles

There are a plethora of ways to style a polo shirt, which is why we have provided some brilliant examples such as the ones below. However, it is also important to find the right fit and to ensure that you style your polo for the right occasion. Click the pictures on the right to check out the polos on our site!

Polo and Shorts

For maximum comfort and mobility, opt for the classic polo and shorts combo. Stick to monochrome colors for a classier look. Leave it untucked, tuck it in, or try the French tuck, it all depends on what looks best for your body.

Photo by Brenner Oliveira from Pexels

Polo and Jeans

Smart and casual, jeans and a polo shirt is a great option. Again it doesn't matter if it's tucked or untucked, although tucking in your shirt with a nice belt grants a more professional look. 

Photo by APHOTOX from Pexels

Polo and Dress Pants

A polo shirt paired with dress pants or chinos is a staple for men's fashion. Remember to choose a monochrome colored polo, match the color of your belt to your loafers, and throw on a watch or rings for accents.

Photo by Brenner Oliveira from Pexels

Polo and Trousers

If you’re feeling bold, try a retro/vintage knitted polo with a pair of trousers. Although this look is not for everybody, those that can make it look good have a stylish option.

Photo by Brenner Oliveira from Pexels

Polo and Sports Jacket

Aiming to impress? Try throwing a sports coat over your polo to add a degree of refinement to this classy look. 

Photo by Monstera from Pexels

Rugby Polo and Long Sleeve

The traditional rugby polo is perfect to have around once the weather becomes cooler, and can be paired with any pants you choose from shorts to dress pants.

Photo by Patrick Case from Pexels

Polo and Layers

Now that you have learned some fashionable ways to wear a polo, show everyone you know how to dress by layering your polo shirt with other clothes in your closet. When layering, it’s important to make sure the colors are coordinated and don’t clash with one another. Other than that, have fun and get creative.

Photo by Mesut çiçen from Pexels

Finding Your Fit

When discussing how to wear polo shirts, the first thing you want to look at is the fit.  There are two criteria for measuring the right fit that will really help you nail the perfect aesthetic.

  • Length: The bottom hem should hit no lower than your a couple of inches lower than your belt line and no higher than the hip, a good reference is that it should be short enough to tuck in and long enough to wear untucked 
  • Sleeve length:  The sleeve should end about midway down your bicep, any longer and it can make your arms appear smaller than they are.

The shirt should be a little tighter in the chest and arms before tapering down your waist.  In general, the shirt should fit close to your body without looking too tight.

Style for the Occasion

Polo shirts are very versatile and can be worn for a wide range of occasions, from a laid-back beach day to a classy cocktail party. It all depends on how you dress up the rest of the outfit.

At its most casual, a polo can be worn with a good pair of fitted shorts and casual canvas sneakers. To up this laid-back style, swap the shorts for denim jeans or chinos, although if you want to avoid the corporate look you should avoid khaki.

For a more formal look, you can replace the denim jeans or chinos with a pair of trousers.  Throw on a classy belt and tuck in the polo. Pair this with a pair of loafers and a nice watch and your look is complete. Choosing monochrome colors is always the more fashionable and formal option, but a retro-styled wool knit polo with design can be a stylish option for those that can pull it off.

Add a sports jacket over your polo for the most posh occasions. A sports jacket like the polo was originally designed for sporting pursuits, and so they naturally pair well together for an elegant look.

We hope you found this polo shirt style guide useful.  When wearing polo shirts it’s important to remember to find the right fit for your body, and to style your outfit to match the level of formality you want to display.  Want some help with that? Check out our polo shirt blog! It is also very important that you know how to care for your polo shirt correctly. You are now on your way to creating a superb timeless outfit for a vast range of occasions.


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