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Caring for Polo Shirts: How to Wash, Fold, and Iron a Polo Shirt Correctly

Published: 11/18/2021 Author: PromoLeaf

Custom polo shirts are an essential part of any wardrobe. Offering a stylish look that is also business casual and can be used for sports as well. However, washing, folding, and ironing your polo the right way is very important to maintain the longevity of your polos. Which is why we have made this guide on how to do all three!

How to Wash a Polo Shirt

Photo by Rodnae Production from Pexels

1. Turn the polo inside out.

Button up your polo shirt and turn it inside out, be sure to flip the collar up to prevent it from curling.

2. Wash your polo shirt.

Wash your polos with colors that are similar to them to avoid any darker colors bleeding through light ones, red shirts are more likely to bleed.

3. Adjust the setting on your washer.

Choose a short, daily cycle, it is suggested to wash polos at 30°. Be sure to not add any fabric softener and a gentle liquid detergent to avoid any damage to your polo.

4. Drying your polo shirt.

It is not recommended to dry your polo shirts in a normal tumble dryer, it is best to hang the tee on a clothes rack or hanger. This will also speed up the ironing process since there won’t be as many wrinkles. If you insist on using a tumble dryer, they can be dried on the lowest heat setting, but polyester polos are more prone to heat damage than cotton, so it is best to check the material type before drying

How to Iron a Polo Shirt

Photo by Cottonbro from Pexels

1. Adjust the heat settings of your iron.

If you dried your polo shirts by hanging them instead of drying you shouldn’t need to iron it, but if you must, place your iron on a low to medium heat setting to avoid any damage. However, cotton polos can be ironed at high temperatures, while synthetic fabrics require low heat settings.

2. Ironing your polo shirt.

Turn your polo shirt upside down and iron it from right to left to avoid fading the color, start with the sleeves then continue to the front of the shirt. Iron the front of your polo where the buttons are located, this is an important step since the buttons will affect how the collar lays.

3. Hang your polo shirt.

Hang your polo shirt on a hanger and you are all done!

How to Fold a Polo Shirt

1. Lay your polo on a flat surface.

Button up your polo and lay it on a flat surface, be sure to smooth out any wrinkles. Flip over your polo so that the back of it is facing you.

2. Start with the sleeves.

Fold each sleeve into the middle of the shirt but not the side seams, only the sleeves.

3. Fold your polo.

Fold each side of the polo in half so they are both touching in the middle. Grab the bottom of the shirt and fold it up in half, fold a second time if needed.

4. All done!

Voila, your polo has been folded correctly!

Bonus Tips:

-To remove a stain from your polo shirt, gently pat the stained area on both sides with detergent then rinse thoroughly with water.

-The best way to store your polo is on a hanger.

We hope you found this guide to polo shirts helpful! If you are interested in designing your own personalized polo shirts, feel free to send us a live chat or call us at 888-515-1026. Looking for the perfect polo shirt? Take a look at our 8 best polo shirts of 2021 blog!

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