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How to Chill Your Beer Glass

Published: 2022-04-01T17:05:40+0000 Author: Abby Helgeson

Kick things up a notch the next time you are enjoying your favorite kind of beer by pairing it with a chilled beer glass, providing you with the optimal beer drinking experience. Instead of investing in those fancy commercial glass frosters, you can easily do it yourself with any type of beer glass! Here’s how to chill beer mugs:

What Does it Mean to Frost a Beer Mug?

Though frosted sounds a lot like frozen, frosted means something totally different. Also referred to as chilled, frost forms when glass is left in the freezer and warm air enters the freezer after being repeatedly opened, thus creating condensation on the glass that will later crystallize. However, there are other ways to create a chilled glass perfect for drinking from, read on to find out how to frost a beer mug!


Start out with a clean beer glass that is at room temperature, since adding a hot glass to a freezer will likely crack the glass. It is recommended to use a wet beer glass for optimal frosting since a dry glass will more than likely just freeze without giving it a cool frosted look. Wet the outside of the glass before placing it into the freezer, condensation should start to form and the water droplets will turn into ice crystals. As we mentioned before, opening the freezer repeatedly will let warm air into the freezer, building up the crystal layers faster while giving your mug a classic, frosted look. This method takes anywhere between 30-60 minutes depending on the temperature of your freezer.

Ice & Water

A faster way to achieve a chilled glass is to use ice and water. You start out by filling a beer mug with ice cubes, making sure they touch the entire inner surface of the glass, then add some cold water into the glass. Place the mug into the freezer and let it sit for about 5-10 minutes, or until you see it has been fully frosted. Take out the glass and pour out the ice and water, pour your beer in the glass and there you have it!

Wet Paper Towels

I know what you’re thinking, wet paper towels, how could that possibly work, but it really does work! Start out by getting some damp paper towels, wrap them around the beer glass, ensuring the entire surface is covered, and place it in the freezer for about 3 minutes. The wet paper towels act as an air temperature buffer that helps quicken the condensation process. Once the three minutes have passed, take out your mug and your glass is chilled and ready to serve!

Add some Vodka

Though it may sound odd, the fastest way to chill a beer glass is adding some vodka, so if you are looking for the fastest way to get to drinking, this method is for you! To start, you will need to place your vodka bottle in the freezer overnight. Once the bottle is suitably chilled, grab a clean beer mug and fill it three quarters full with vodka. Swirl it around and in about a minute you should see frost form on the glass. From there you can pour the vodka back into the bottle, wipe out the mug and pour in your favorite beer.

Beer Fridges

It used to be the norm to go to a bar and get some chilled beer that they had stored in their beer fridges, but nowadays beer fridges at bars and restaurants are few and far between. These types of fridges have adjustable temperatures so you can store your glasses however you want to! They are an investment, but definitely worth looking into

There you have it, folks! You are on your way to a brand new beer-drinking experience! Are you looking to buy some custom beer glasses? Take a look at our custom beer glass guide!

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