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The Ultimate Guide to Custom Beer Glasses

Published: 2022-01-19T23:20:09+0000 Author: Abby Helgeson

Looking to get the perfect custom beer glasses to promote your company but need help? We have compiled this buying guide to help address any questions or concerns for your purchase.

Why Buy Custom Beer Glasses?

Whether at home or in the office, everyone enjoys quality glassware to drink from. It’s for this reason that custom beer glasses make the perfect vehicle for promoting your product. PPAI found that promotional products ranked number one when they asked consumers to rank which advertising channels provide an incentive to take action; all generations regarded promotional products as the most effective. Promotional products such as branded beer glasses are better received and less avoided by consumers than any other marketing medium.

Popular Uses of Custom Beer Glasses

Promoting your business with custom beer glasses is a great way to create brand awareness while providing function and utility. Whether giving them away to maintain current customers and businesses, or to attract new ones, beer glasses are a fun way to promote your company. Every person and business needs glassware to drink from, and while custom coffee mugs or custom tumblers are great, personalized beer glasses provide a degree of uniqueness and a break from the norm. So give your company a presence in people’s homes, office spaces, and break rooms with our wide selection of promotional beer glasses!


We have a wide variety of beer glasses tailored to promote your company that are perfect for everything from ales to lagers!  It’s important to remember that differing glass shapes are essential for bringing out the specific taste and aroma of each type of beer, so choose the right style glass that corresponds to the specific flavor of your company.

Belgian Style

The belgian style can be identified by the unique and beautiful tulip shape. This design has a bulbous body before narrowing and opening up again to make room for the beer's head. This was created to bring out the best flavor for Belgian style beers, but is also one of the prettiest glass designs to adorn any shelf.


Pilsner glasses definitely stand out from other glassware. They are tall and skinny but widen at the top and are formed to show off the bubbles and clarity of a pilsner, while maintaining the head and trapping in essential flavors.


IPA glasses boast an iconic design that starts out narrow at the bottom and bowls out at the middle. This shape helps to aerate the hoppiest beers and release a steady stream of aromatic bubbles.


By far the most common pub glass, the pint glass is used to serve a wide selection of beers from IPAs to stouts. Its design neither takes away or adds much to the flavor of any beer making it popular at any bar. It won’t stand out as much on a shelf, but it will probably be the most used of any beer glass.


Taster glasses can come in many shapes and sizes. The only thing that makes a glass a taster is size. Usually coming in around 3 to 6 ounces, these small glasses are meant to give people a sample of beer. Commonly used in beer gardens, these small glasses are perfect for anyone sampling your company.

Material Types

Stainless Steel

Beer glasses that are made from stainless steel are great for the outdoors, easy to clean, and do a great job at keeping your beer chilled.


Glass is the most popular material type for beer glasses due to it’s classic style and sturdiness


Crystal beer glasses are a stylish alternative, perfect for special occasions and gifts. Though they are very fragile and must be cleaned by hand.

We hope that this custom beer glasses buying guide will allow you to make a well informed decision on your promotional beer glasses. So, take the leap and ultimately further your brand’s reach today! Send a live chat or give us a call at 888-515-1026 for any questions you may have.


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