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The 10 Best Travel Coolers for Truck Drivers

Published: 2022-05-17T19:29:19+0000 Author: Daniel Davis

If you are a regional or local truck driver that preps your food ahead of time but doesn’t have room for a fridge in your truck, coolers are your best bet! We have plenty of options for any budget type so you can have ease of mind knowing your food and drinks will stay cool and fresh while on the road!

Our Picks, No Matter Your Budget

Whether you have a small budget or large one, we have compiled a list of our best travel coolers within your budget. From our best eco-friendly coolers to the coolers with the most storage space, you’re sure to find one that’s right for your company!

Best Eco-Friendly

For smaller budgets:

Arctic Zone Repreve 25-50 Can Expandable Cooler

This recycled PET cooler fits about 20-25 cans but when expanded can hold up to 50! Portable, insulated and eco-friendly, what more could you ask for?

For larger budgets:

Nomad Renew Cooler Backpack

A great eco-friendly option, this recycled cooler backpack fits about 28 cans, has a sleek design, and it is easily portable so you can take it with you wherever you go.

Most Storage Space

For smaller budgets:

Arctic Zone 64 Can Knockdown Cooler

This cooler has plenty of storage space to fit your favorite snacks and drinks while on the road, and it is collapsible so when you are not using it you can easily store it in your truck without it taking up much room. It is easily our most recommended cooler as far as storage space is concerned.

For larger budgets:

Pelican 50qt Elite Cooler

If you are looking for a high quality cooler that offers great insulation and storage space, this Pelican cooler is for you! With 50 quarts of storage space, extreme insulation that keeps ice for up to eight days, and durability that has been tested in the toughest conditions, this cooler is highly recommended

Best Insulation

For smaller budgets:

Igloo Seadrift Coast Cooler

Featuring MaxCold® insulation, this Igloo cooler is the perfect inexpensive option for maximum insulation. With a large main compartment, an additional storage compartment on the front and dual side pockets, this cooler has just about everything you need in a travel cooler.

For larger budgets:

Pelican 30QT Cooler

Pelican coolers are known for their top tier performance, which is why we recommend this one. This cooler offers maximum insulation, 30 quarts of storage space, and durability that is built to withstand any conditions.

Best Hard Shell

For smaller budgets:

Coleman Cooler 48qt

Our top pick of hard shell coolers for a small budget is hands down this Coleman cooler. This cooler fits about 68 cans, has foam insulation for maximum thermal retention and a water drain for easy cleaning.

For larger budgets:

Otterbox Venture 25 Qt Cooler

We recommend this Otterbox cooler because it is built with durability in mind and one of our top choices for hard shell coolers. With 25 quarts of storage space and great insulation, what’s not to love about this Otterbox cooler?!

Best Soft Shell

For smaller budgets:

Carry Cold Cooler Tote

For an inexpensive soft shell cooler, this cooler tote definitely gets the job done. This cooler holds up to 24 cans, has an insulated interior and is great for traveling short distances.

For larger budgets:

iCOOL® Xtreme Adventure High-Performance Cooler Bag

This expandable soft shell cooler bag gives you 20 liters of storage space, offers great foam insulation and is still pretty heavy duty for a soft shell cooler.

Customization Considerations

How you design your custom coolers depends on the type of cooler you are buying.

Soft Shell Cooler Considerations

If you are going for a soft shell cooler, screen printing is a great, inexpensive option. You can also go for heat transfer which will look better than screen printing, but will cost a bit more. Screen printing is when a design is transferred through a mesh screen onto the item with fabric ink, hence why it can only be used on soft shell coolers. Heat transfer is a bit different, when you have come to a final decision on your design, a heat transfer paper will be printed then heat pressed onto your cooler and peeled off to create a custom cooler. Keep in mind that the more colors you use for your imprint method, the more it will cost you. Which is why we recommend going with a colored cooler and then adding a black or white imprint to keep the costs down.

Hard Shell Cooler Considerations

If you decide to go with a hard shell cooler, pad printing is the best option for you. The pad printing process is where a silicon pad takes a 2-D image from a laser engraved (etched) printing plate and transfers it to a 3-D object allowing you to print more complex designs. Full color designs also look great when placed on the cooler of your choosing, though it can be more pricey since more colors will need to be used. It is also important to keep in mind that the larger the cooler you get, the more options you will have for decorations. See the design method examples below to choose your favorite!

Screen Print
Pad Print
Full Color
Heat Transfer

Other Gifts and Swag Truck Drivers Enjoy

Looking for more giveaway ideas for your trucking fleet? We’ve done the work for you below!

Water Bottles

Ensure your trucking fleet stays hydrated while on the road with branded water bottles!

Stress Balls

Custom stress balls are a great, inexpensive alternative to typical promotional giveaways and are very well received by the recipients.

​Car Accessories

If you are wanting to give your employees some practical items that are still customizable, car accessories are perfect for your company and employees!


Branded tumblers are the perfect gift for your trucking fleet since they are always on the road and drinking coffee to stay energized. Tumblers offer ease of mind with leak proof options and will keep their beverages hot or cold for hours on end during long road trips!

Company Swag

A great way to make your employees feel like they are a part of the team and to boost morale is to gift them with some branded company swag. We have put together some options for you below that we think make for great company swag gifts for truckers.

Now that you’ve seen our suggestions for the best coolers for truckers, we hope you are well on your way to customizing your own and making the road feel a little more like home for your employees! Need some assistance finding the perfect cooler for your needs? Call us today at 888-515-1026 or take a look at our ultimate custom coolers buying guide to see more options!


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