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A Guide to Water Bottle Advertising for Your Business

Published: 2021-05-21T14:50:32+0000 Author: PromoLeaf

Labels vs. Bottles: Types of Water Bottle Advertising

Advertising your business can get expensive very quickly, often without the guarantee of making an impact on your clientele. Why not make an impact by putting your logo in the hands of your customers? Water bottle advertising is a foolproof way to ensure your brand stays top of mind compared to more traditional advertising methods.

In order to fully understand what options you have available to you, it is best to understand the different kinds of decoration methods you can use when printing your logo on a reusable water bottle. There are many different methods. However, not all methods can be done to each bottle, it always depends on the material type. The most common material types for water bottles are glass, stainless steel, aluminum, and plastic.

The different kinds of decoration methods are screen printing, laser engraving, water decal, and embossing. Screen printing or silkscreen is usually the most common option because it is the less costly option and can be used on just about any material type. Screen printing only allows for 1-3 colors to be used, and the colors come out very opaque compared to regular water bottle labels. Laser engraving is usually the more expensive alternative but looks very sleek and lasts a long time. Stainless steel and glass products are best for laser engraving. Lastly, 4 color digital printing, this decoration method is best for logos that require more than 3 colors, gradients, or more detailed artwork. Full-color printing, also known as CYMK printing, offers a bright, eye-catching final product! 

There’s more to it than simply deciding which decoration method and material type you want to go with. It all comes down to your brand identity. You want to portray your brand to your consumer as best you can while also keeping it simple. If your design is too busy, it may distract the consumer from the main focus of the advertisement. Simply slapping a logo onto a water bottle isn’t enough. Try to design an eye-catching water bottle. If you’ve got a unique logo, simply placing that onto a solid color bottle would be a great option. If you have a pretty “basic” logo, try to go for a water bottle that can be full color printed, that way, you have the freedom to do more with the overall design of the bottle. And, you can even add your website and social media handles onto the plan, ultimately giving you free traffic to your website.

When it comes to using printed labels for plastic bottles, the major downside is they aren’t as eco-conscious since they are not reusable and made of plastic. The labels that are applied to plastic bottles usually start to peel off when wet or after being used. Printed labels are generally more time-consuming as well since you’ll first have to customize the labels, then once the labels have shipped, you’ll have to apply them to your bottles. Lastly, if you apply the label incorrectly, that water bottle will have to be thrown away, and you won’t be able to use it for your next promotional giveaway. They are ultimately causing more waste and polluting our planet further.

Benefits of Water Bottle Advertising

  1. Reusable
  2. Eco-friendly
  3. Looks cleaner
  4. Durable against scuffing, weather, and water.
  5. You can add texture when screen-printing. Some companies purposely raise their labels to a level where the characters can be felt or distinguished.
  6. Can be inexpensive if buying a large volume since you won't need to coordinate secondary steps.
  7. Buy a larger quantity for a lower price.
  8. Longer lifetime

Cost of Advertising on a Water Bottle

Buying custom wholesale water bottles can seem like a pricey investment, but in all reality, it isn’t! Prices range as low as $1 for 2500 water bottles, all the way to $60 for a quantity of 100 decorated bottles. However, you can find water bottles that are more costly yet provide added features, like larger ounce capacities, or even added earbuds, sometimes even an added speaker!

For more guidance on wholesale water bottles, check out our buying guide!


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