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The Complete Guide to Personalized Cutting Boards

Published: 2020-11-24T17:54:21+0000 Author: Abby Helgeson

Personalized cutting boards are perfect for just about any promotional giveaway! With tons of options to choose from, we have compiled this buying guide to help you customize your ideal cutting board.

Why Buy Personalized Cutting Boards?

Personalized cutting boards are perfect for any occasion or giveaway. Gifting promotional products reaps rewards for your company in many different ways. For example, a recent consumer study by PPAI stated that, when asked to rate which advertising channels provide consumers with an incentive to take action, all generations regarded promotional products as most effective. To convince you more, ASI stated that even though we’re in the midst of the internet age with everybody glued to their screens, consumers are nearly 2.5 times more likely to have a positive opinion of promotional products compared to online advertising. The statistics speak for themselves! Promotional products can only benefit your company and further your brand’s reach.

Popular Uses of Personalized Cutting Boards

A vital step in your buying decision is knowing what audience you are targeting. Own a real estate business and want to impress new clients? Custom cutting boards are the way to go! Engrave a wholesale cutting board as a wedding present to your friends or family members that they will cherish for life. Engraved cutting boards are great for gifting your new hires to welcome them to your team. Cutting boards also make for the perfect gift during the holiday season. We have even more gift ideas in our holiday gift guide! Customizing bulk cutting boards with your custom logo is a great way to say thanks to your employees and clients while advertising your company all at once!

Material Types

From bamboo to marble, to glass, and much more, the material type you choose is an important step in your buying decision.


For an inexpensive yet durable cutting board go for bamboo material. If you want the look of wood with the bonus of stability, bamboo is the way to go!

Shop Bamboo


Wood cutting boards are very durable while still being kind to knives. Wood boards are best for fresh produce and bread since wood is porous and absorbs liquids easily.

Shop Wood


Plastic cutting boards are budget friendly and super easy to clean and sanitize. However, they tend to become scored and damaged over time meaning you will have to replace them more often.

Shop Plastic


Buy a glass cutting board that you can customize with whatever design you like using full-color decoration.

Shop Glass


For that added grip and stability, try our silicone cutting boards.

Shop Silicone


Looking for a more upscale cutting board? Marble cutting boards are sleek and durable all in one.

Shop Marble


The shape you choose can change the overall look of your personalized cutting board.


For a classic style cutting board, go for a rectangular shape

Shop Rectangular


Round cutting boards offer a more unique look.

Shop Rounded


Paddle cutting boards include a handle but keep the classic look of a cutting board.

Shop Paddle Shape


Added features make all the difference in your buying decision.

With Handle

Cutting boards with a handle are useful for quick grabbing and hanging for storage. 

Shop with Handle

Dishwasher Safe

A dishwasher safe cutting board means hassle-free cleaning!

Shop Washer Safe


The more the merrier! Custom cutting board sets give you a great cutting board with added accessories. Ideal for cheese and charcuterie sets.

Shop Sets


Prevent your cutting board from sliding everywhere with non-slip cutting boards.

Shop Non-Slip

Commonly Asked Questions Regarding Personalized Cutting Boards

Q. What should you not cut on a wooden cutting board?
A. It is suggested to use wood cutting boards for fruit, vegetables, or any ready-to-eat foods like bread or cheese. Plastic cutting boards are best for raw meat and poultry.
Q. What is the best kitchen cutting board?
A. Wood cutting boards are superior for their hard-wearing and self-healing properties, and their ability to preserve a knife edge. Plastic is great as well but doesn’t last as long since knives easily scar them, leading to a blade scarred plastic surface that is difficult to clean and sterilize.
Q. What type of cutting board is best for meat?
A. A plastic cutting board is ideal for raw meat because after the meat juice has dripped everywhere, it can be tossed in the dishwasher to be cleaned and sanitized.
Q. How often should you replace cutting boards?
A. Dense hardwoods like maple, walnut, and cherry are the best wood board since they hold up well to knife cuts and resist moisture.

In conclusion, gifting promotional products like custom cutting boards has several benefits for your company and the recipients of your giveaway. Customize and gift promotional products and you will see results! Send a live chat or call us at 888-515-1026 and get your promo journey started today.


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