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The Complete Guide to Custom Awards & Trophies

Published: 10/13/2020 5:59 PM Author: PromoLeaf

Custom awards and trophies are a great way to show your thanks and appreciation to your employees for all of their hard work! We have compiled this buying guide with employee awards, sports awards, and much more, so you are confident in your buying decision.

Why Buy Custom Awards?

Custom awards are the perfect gift to employees for any future company party or event you are planning. However, there are a lot of things to consider before making a final decision on your personalized awards. There are numerous awards that can be given to employees. For example, years of service, employee of the month, most improved performer and sales awards. There is no limit to the kinds of awards you can give to your employees. We also have awards catered to sports including basketball, football, golf, and much more! If you are looking for an award to customize for your next sporting event, check out our sports section below. The material and type of award can make all the difference in your buying decision as well. That is why we have compiled a list of the different award and material types, explained more in depth. Just keep on scrolling!


Paying attention to little details like the different types of awards to choose from, makes all the difference!


Wow your employees with a custom trophy acknowledging them for their accomplishments. After all, nothing says fancy like a branded trophy!

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Sports Awards

Looking to customize an award for your sports team? Shop our selection of sports awards and trophies today!

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Golf Awards

Impress the participants with a personalized golf award. After all, what's a golf tournament without an award or trophy?

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Plaques are a great way to spotlight multiple employees for their achievements.

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Take the opportunity to celebrate your employees work anniversary with a customized medal. A great way to show your respect and thanks to that employee, but also encourages others to stick around.

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Custom certificates are a great, inexpensive option for showcasing employees.

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Material Types

The different material types change the overall look of your branded award, making it a vital step in your buying decision.


Although glass awards tend to be more on the pricey side, the unique beauty of these pieces makes up for the additional cost.

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Acrylic awards are much more durable than glass and crystal materials, making it difficult to break when dropped. Much like glass, acrylic can be formed into just about any shape you can imagine and stay sturdy.

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Metal is the most durable award material type that you can find, making a lifelong keepsake of your employees' accomplishments.

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For a more natural look, go for an inexpensive option like this bamboo award.

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Crystal is softer than glass, which makes it ideal for carving more complex three-dimensional shapes. Great for a more detailed design.

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Commonly Asked Questions Regarding Custom Awards

Q. What type of plastic are trophies made of?
A. Many trophies are now made of molded plastic colored to resemble gold, silver, or brass.
Q. What is a plaque award?
A. A larger engraved wall plaque that is a type of recognition award, traditionally used as a corporate recognition award that can be hung on a wall and admired for years to come.
Q. What are awards made of?
A. A variety of materials are used to create awards and trophies, including nickel alloy, glass, wood, and bronze featuring a plastic cast which is then plated.

Overall, gifting branded awards to your employees has a countless amount of benefits, not just for your employees, but for you as well! Keep your employees happy and boost morale up with custom awards. What are you waiting for? Send a live chat or call us at 888-515-1026 and get your awards customized today!

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