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Everything You Need to Know About Different Types of Backpacks

Published: 2021-07-12T19:20:46+0000 Author: Abby Helgeson

Choosing a backpack that fits all of your needs and makes your commute more comfortable can be a tough decision. Not to mention there are a ton of different styles and types of backpacks available. That is why we have compiled a list of all of the different types of backpacks and broken them down for you to help you make an informed decision.

Everyday Backpacks

Everyday packs are the traditional style backpacks. They feature two shoulder straps, a main compartment for storage, usually a zippered front pocket and a simplistic design. JanSport is the most commonly known brand that exemplifies everyday packs. These packs have the most minimal amount of storage space and rarely have internal pockets. Although, they do come in a wide variety of colors and designs.

Laptop Backpacks

The obvious difference between laptop backpacks and everyday packs is the laptop compartment. The laptop sleeve is built into the bag inside the main compartment and is usually padded to ensure your laptop stays protected. It is best to check the specs of your laptop to make sure the sleeve can accommodate your laptop. Most laptop sleeves can fit anywhere from 11” laptops to 15” laptops, some can even fit 17” laptops. Be sure to double check that your backpack will fit your laptop and that the padding is thick enough to prevent breakage when accidents happen.

Drawstring Backpacks

Drawstring backpacks are the most lightweight option of backpacks. Instead of zippered compartments that are on our average daypack, there is a drawstring closure for easy access to your belongings. These types of packs are not usually very durable, but they are great for those who need an extra sack to carry their belongings in. They are great for storing extra gym clothes or toiletries in, or for taking with you on day trips where you won’t need a lot of items to bring with you. Custom drawstring bags are a great, inexpensive option for backpacks.

Sling Backpacks

Custom sling backpacks have a unique, single strap design that allows you to easily carry your items over your shoulder. They offer an additional way of carrying your backpack for a more comfortable commute, which makes choosing them a matter of personal preference. These backpacks offer just about the same amount of storage as a normal backpack and most of them have laptop compartments as well. 

Hiking & Hydration Backpacks

Hiking and hydration packs are super convenient for any outdoor adventures, allowing you to carry your belongings and water all at once! The best part of hiking and hydration packs is the hydration bladder compartment that allows you to hydrate hands-free without having to lug around a water bottle when you are out and about. Most personalized hiking backpacks have a hydration pack compartment, where you can easily add your favorite hydration pack.

TSA Friendly Backpacks

TSA friendly backpacks are just that.. TSA-friendly. They are basically a carry-on backpack that is small enough to fit in the overhead bin on planes and that has a TSA-friendly laptop sleeve. Perfect for those who travel for work or for people that just want to get through the TSA line quicker. Let’s face it, TSA checks can be very stressful when on a tight schedule. As with all types of backpacks there is a main compartment for storage and extra pockets for organizing all of your essential items.

Rolling Backpacks

Wheeled backpacks are great for people who love to stay organized when traveling but don’t necessarily like carrying the weight of their necessities right on their back. They have everything you would have in a normal backpack with additional wheels and a wheel handle for easy transportation. You can carry them just like a normal backpack too, since there are padded shoulder straps. And, to ensure that the wheels don’t make you uncomfortable when carrying your personalized rolling backpack, the back panels have lots of padding as well.


Rucksack backpacks have a unique and stylish design, but overall, they function just like a traditional backpack. They have a main compartment and exterior pockets, however, instead of a zipper closure they have a flap and buckle function. This type of design allows for additional storage since the top has a looser fit. Though it may not guarantee that your belongings will stay safe and sound inside of your bag. Rucksack packs are commonly used by people with an active lifestyle, but do have a very fashionable and rustic look to it. Whether you use this kind of backpack for making a fashion statement or hiking in the mountains, is completely up to you.

Carry-On Backpacks

These types of backpacks are smaller than the average backpack but still offer enough storage space for shorter trips and can fit in the cabin of planes easily. Since all airlines have different size limitations, it is important to check that your bag meets the requirements. However, a 20” backpack should be the perfect size for most airlines. Carry-on backpacks usually have one or two compartments for your belongings, some have laptop sleeves and compartments for tech organization as well. If you are planning a vacation in the near future, a carry-on backpack might be your best bet.

Tactical Backpack

Tactical backpacks also known as military backpacks are not only a great symbol of our soldiers fighting for our country, but they are some of the most heavy duty backpacks available. Made with a very dense fabric that is super durable, these bags are perfect for hiking or camping trips, hunting, or just for using as your everyday pack. They can take lots of abuse and are usually water resistant as well. So, if you want a backpack that will hold up through the toughest terrain, a tactical backpack is the best choice.

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