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What’s the Best Material for a Coffee Mug?

Published: 1/19/2022 Author: PromoLeaf

Most of you that are die hard coffee drinkers, know that certain material types are better suited for hot/cold beverages than others, but did you know that the material type of your coffee mug can affect the flavor of your coffee? You could be using the wrong coffee mug, depending on your preferences! In this blog we will explore the different types of material types and the pros and cons of each.

How to choose the best coffee mug for you

When you think of your ideal custom coffee mug, think about what factors are of importance to you. Do you prefer an insulated mug that will keep your coffee hot for a long period of time? Is durability an important factor for you? Do you prefer mugs that are microwave and dishwasher safe? As you keep these questions in mind, read on to find what material type is the best fit for your needs.

Pros and cons of ceramic coffee mugs


-Since ceramic is similar to glass, it does a better job of retaining heat than plastic, but still doesn’t beat mugs with double wall or vacuum insulation

-Doesn’t affect the flavor

-Dishwasher safe


-Ceramic coffee mugs are not very durable and will chip, scratch, or break much easier than other options.

-Stains over time

-Does not keep coffee hot for long periods of time

Best decoration method for ceramic mugs: Pad printing because of its smooth surface.

Our Recommendation

14 oz. Baristi Collection - Deep Etched

We recommend this ceramic mug because it has a unique design with some great colors available, and it allows for a deep etch imprint!

Pros and cons of enamel coffee mugs


-Can be heated directly over a fire, stove top, or induction cooker, perfect for camping.

-Will not rust

-Durable, but still breakable


-Not microwave safe

-Can burn your hands/lips as enamel material gets really hot

Best decoration method for enamel mugs: Digital printing works well with stoneware material that has a grained surface.

Our Recommendation

Rockland Mug - 17oz

This traditional style camping mug is highly recommended due to it’s classic look, awesome color selection, and it’s heat retention makes for the perfect addition to your camping experience.

Shop Enamel Mugs »

Pros and cons of steel coffee mugs


-Most durable material type, no breakage, cracking, or degradation

-Best heat retention, specifically for double wall/vacuum insulated stainless steel

-Very practical for traveling

-Dishwasher safe


-Affects the flavor of coffee unless it is high quality stainless steel

-Mostly used in travel mugs, not traditional coffee mugs

-Not safe for the microwave

Best decoration method for stainless steel mugs: Laser engraving is great for stainless steel because this material type can withstand high temperatures.

Our Recommendation

12 Oz. Keyport Stainless Steel Mug

We recommend this modern style stainless steel mug, due to it’s sleek design, durability, and insulation.

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Pros and cons of glass coffee mugs


-Dishwasher safe

-Will not affect the flavor



-Will break/crack easily

-Doesn't hold heat as well as other mugs

Best decoration method for glass mugs: Laser engraving is best for glass because it can withstand high temperatures.

Our Recommendation

Giovanni Mug - Imprinted 11oz

Show off your latte art with this stylish glass mug that is highly recommended!

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We hope you have found the perfect material type for your personalized coffee mugs! If you need a bit more information on other factors like styles and features that are available, take a look at our custom coffee mug buying guide! Need some assistance? Send us a live chat or give us a call at 888-515-1026!

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